Newbie Crash Course

Welcome to My Affiliate Marketing Crash Course.

This is a brief introduction about me and what Affiliate Marketing is.

Part 1: What is Affiliate Marketing?

Here are 2 examples of 2 big affiliate marketing programs.

Although the commissions on Amazon are small, it is good to know they exist 🙂

In the video I talk about Amazon Affiliate program and ClickBank.

There are many more affiliate programs that give up to 100% commissions.

I will reveal them later on if you are interested 🙂

Part 2: Choosing a Niche

You have to select a profitable and proven niche to get started. I reveal in this video the best 3 niches for you to get in.

Remember to go deep into the niche, find a sub-niche with enough people interest in it.

In this video I reveal my secret weapon I use daily for my keyword research and to assess the competition.

If you target the wrong keywords, you could be doomed for failure.

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There are many other tools to do keyword research, even the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, but Market Samurai has the best features.

You can see how many daily or monthly searches there are for a given keyword and at the same time, you can check how hard it would be for you to rank on Google.

It's data comes from Majestic SEO which is a very reliable source for SEO data.

Part 3: Creating a Website

To do well with affiliate marketing I highly recommend you build a simple website.

Some people say you don't need one, but trust me, in the long run it makes a big difference 🙂

Many autoresponders are blocking affiliate networks, so you'll have to send your traffic to a landing page prior to sending them to the offer. This also increases conversions considerably as you can add a video and a better review on a landing page.

If you want the special discount for Bluehost hosting, just click here.

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There are many free web hosting companies, but if you get a free hosting you might one day lose all your data.

In fact you do not even own your posts…

… and you are very limited in everything you do and most of the important plugins you need to install, you won't be able to even add them to your blog.

To get your domain just google: godaddy one dollar domain

And click on one of the ads and follow along.

Part 4: Email Marketing

This section is extremely critical for any affiliate marketer who is serious about making money online.

Please do not miss this section or you'll blame me later on :).

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No credit card is required for the free trial with Getresponse.

There is also a free email marketing platform called MailChimp, but affiliate marketers / affiliate offers are not allowed.

How will they know?

If you send an email with an affiliate link, you'll be banned immediately.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments.