My name is Fernando and I've been doing online marketing for 3 years.

Fernando Chebair

My Story

I used to work as an IT consultant from 9 to 19h.

I did really enjoy the work besides having to travel a lot and having a boss around me all the time.

One day I finally decided that this was not for me so I decided to look around on the internet and discovered the incredible world of online marketing.

I studied Computer Engineering and then I did an MBA, this is where I got introduced to marketing.

Since then, I have been studying marketing like a mad man, buying books and courses to get better and better every day.

I got a certification in Conversion Funnel Mastery, Paid Traffic Mastery E-Commerce Marketing Mastery and Email Marketing Specialist from Digital Marketer.

email marketing specialist

I specialize on Facebook Ads because of the big volume it has and the ultra good targeting it gives us.

My favorite football team is FC Barcelona, I am a big fan.

My main goal with this website is to help you succeed with your business.

I will probably recommend some products, but only the ones I have tested and I stand behind.

If you have any questions or need help with anything related to your online business, please do not hesitate to reach out via the contact form.

Talk soon,