Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing consists on promoting other people's products and getting a commission for each sale.

In this affiliate marketing tutorial I am going to try to simplify and clarify everything for you.

I wrote some days ago about how affiliate marketing works. If you haven't read it yet, go ahead and do it before you continue.

Some years ago it used to be relatively easy to rank on Google by just following some simple tricks like adding your keywords to the URL and to the title and description then adding some affiliate links to your pages and banking a good amount of money.

These days are gone.

Now Google has changed the rules and it is not as easy to rank.

In order to rank you need some good content and lots of quality links and a lot of social signals.

This is why a lot of affiliate marketers have moved into paid ads and list building.

When you have a list, you own your traffic, you don't rely anymore on search engines and you can send people on your list to any affiliate offer you wish to promote.

This is what I recommend you do as of today.

Use paid ads and build a list of prospects and customers.

Of course, also have a website to do reviews where you can insert videos and images.

​And to do full reviews, reviewing the affiliate products you are going to promote and you should mention the pros and cons of every product.

I should also mention that if a product is not good, you should be ethical and say so.

You should not promote a product just to get the commission.

That might work once, but the second time, your customers won't trust you.​

​Affiliate Marketing 101

This is how I recommend you manage your affiliate marketing business.​

Affiliate Marketing Ideas

This infographic shows you how it should be properly done.

You should build a website to do reviews of the products you'll promote.​

Picking a niche is important. I suggest you stick to the big 3 which are make money online, health and fitness and then dating.

These are proven niches. Of course you should go deeper inside the niche.​

For example in the dating niche, you could go for single women, living in New York​ and that have a child.

You get my point.​

Write always quality content that will help others.

If you stick to the niches I mentioned, you will find a lot of offers. I'll tell you later on where to find these offers although some are mentioned in the infographic.

Place your ads and email your list, this is section 6 in the infographic too.

Then comes the best part where you get paid by the network :).​

Once you understand the whole picture, everything gets easier.

Top Affiliate Marketing Networks

The best affiliate marketing networks I recommend are:

Clickbank and Commission Junction are very similar.

To be honest, till now I haven't worked with Commission Junction although I have an account.

They used to have good pay per call offers, but this is another story.​

Clickbank has offers in every affiliate niche, from health to make money online and also dating offers.

Inside Clickbank you will never run out of offers. Keep in mind that the higher the gravity, the more money is being made with that offer inside of Clickbank.​

Amazon has one of the biggest affiliate marketing programs, but the commissions are way too low. I believe the max you can get is a 6%.

Check the Amazon Affiliate program to get more info about their commissions.​

Jvzoo and Warrior Plus are very similar networks and where you can find a lot of offers to promote.

Most of the offers found in Jvzoo and Warrior Plus are IM trainings and softwares.​

4 Affiliate Marketing Tips

It used to be easy to rank on Google, and this was the main traffic source for many websites.

Now I recommend that you have many traffic sources and not only relying on Google or just one traffic source.

​Tip #1 Don't rely on just one traffic source

If you just rely on one traffic source, that traffic source might ban you like it happened with a lot of people with Google Adwords and then your business will be out of fuel.

So master one traffic source and then learn a new one :)​

Tip #2 Build a list in your niche

I can't stress that enough.

Once you have a list, you have your own traffic source.

This is very important, you won't be worried if you get banned from Facebook or from Google or from any other source, you'll be able to reach your contacts whenever you want with your email list.​

Tip #3​ Build relations with other affiliate marketers or product owners

This is something I did not do from the beginning and I regret it.

You will learn a lot of tips and tricks from other people by masterminding, but you will also get motivation and help to get going.​

Tip #4 Always promote an affiliate offer you stand behind

I am on many lists and what I see very often is that people promote to their list every single offer.

I don't think this is good.


Because your list won't be as responsive, and they won't trust you.​

You should always promote offers that will help your list and that you stand behind.​

​Pros And Cons Of Being An Affiliate Marketer

There are many good things of being an affiliate marketer, but there are also many bad things.

Let's go over the most important ones.​


  • You don't have to create products
  • You only have to drive traffic
  • You can earn a lot of money
  • You don't have to worry about customer support


  • You don't have a lot of power over the offers
  • If a good offer is taken down, you have to find a new one
  • Sales pages may be changed without notification

In the table above I have summarized all the points I consider important for you to choose if you want to be an affiliate marketer or not.​

In Conclusion

Being an affiliate is not as easy as it used to be.

You'll have to put in the work to get the desired results.​

You should build a list and never rely only on a single traffic source.

Always promote affiliate offers you have tested and you stand behind.

Only promote​ relevant offers that will help your audience.

I hope this affiliate marketing tutorial has been helpful.​


I'm Fernando, the guy behind Lodomus. I love everything related to internet marketing and ecommerce.

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