How to Setup a Goal in Google Analytics

In this article I'm going to show you how to setup a Goal in your Google Analytics.

In Google Analytics, Conversions are called Goals.​

But why do you need a goal in the first place?

A goal is needed to track important actions in your website.

​To measure how often users complete specific actions in your website.​

Normally these actions are called conversions.​

A goal might be when someone clicks on a link (an event) or when someone reaches your thank you page (destination) after getting your lead magnet for example.​

Goals can also be based on time spent in a page, or after X pages visited.​​

Once you have goals setup you'll be able to tell what traffic sources are getting you the most conversions or what social media sites are sending you the most sales.​

If you don't have Goals setup in your Google Analytics, then it's like a blind man walking around.​

So let's get started and you'll see how easy it is to setup a Goal in under 5 mins.

I assume you already have Google Analytics installed in your website.

If not, then I'd recommend you install this Google Analytics plugin from Yoast if you are using WordPress.​

I'm going to show you how to create a goal for your lead magnet.

The goal will fire when people enter their email address and they reach your thank you page.

The hypotetical thank you page will be located at .

So go to your Google Analytics dashboard then click on Admin.

Now ​click on Goals.

google analytics goal

Then click on Create new goal.

create google analytics goal

​In there select the template > Sign up.

google analytics sign up

Then click on Continue.

​In the next step just give a name to your Goal and keep the type as Destination.

google analytics goal name

Click on Continue again.​

Now in the Destination put the address of your thank you page (without the domain), in my case it is /thank-you and do not forget the Begins with and give it a value of $1.

Google Analytics thank-you

​You can Verify the goal if you've already had people reaching your thank you page before.

Then click on Save.

Congratulations, you've just setup your first Google Analytics Goal to track your signups.

If you have any questions, just post them in the comments.​

Fernando Chebair

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