How to Track Bing Ads Conversions

Bing Ads is a very good source of traffic to get leads and sales. It is used by a lot of marketers and they are getting very good results. If you are not using Bing Ads as a traffic source, I recommend you start using it right away 🙂

What I see is that most marketers do not use Bing's tracking and they rely on third party tracking softwares or they don't even track their campaigns, they rely on just the clicks they get on the keywords. This is obviously not recommended at all. You should always be tracking your campaigns to see where you are leaking money and where you are doing well.

This is a sample of a campaign I am currently running on Bing, without optimization

bing conversions


I get a lower CPA (Cost Per Action) compared to other sources in the same niche like Facebook where I get a CPA of around $6-7.

So how do you setup conversion tracking on Bing?

The 2 steps are very simple

  • Generate a tracking code or goal
  • Paste the tracking code in the thank you page

First you need to go to Shared Library. It is below Campaigns in the left pane or click on that to go directly

Shared Library

Then you click on Goals.

Now create a Goal.

This is an example of a Goal I created. Replace accordingly, make sure you have the correct Destination URL

create goal

I usually like to give it a goal value, but this is optional. You are now required to create a tag, well just give it a name.

Once done, you get the code and you have to place it in the thank you page.

The code looks like this

bing code

Now you go to your thank you page and you paste it there.

I use Thrive Leads for most of my lead generation pages and for my thank you pages.

You create a new thank you page and you click on Lead Page Options and then Tracking Codes and you paste the code you got from Bing in the Head Tag like this

tracking Leadpages

Now each time a user clicks on one of your ads and reaches your thank you page, a conversion will be recorded in your Bing Ads dashboard.

Now you know which ads and keywords are converting and you are no longer walking in dark 🙂

I hope that helps 🙂


I'm Fernando, the guy behind Lodomus. I love everything related to online marketing and email marketing.

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